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Demystifying asset-based lending

Asset-based lending is defined as loaning money in an agreement that is secured by collateral. Asset-based loans or lines of credit can be secured by...

A survey of the post-COVID-19 private mortgage marketplace

An entire segment of the mortgage lending industry, known as Non-QM, was severely affected overnight due to the economic wrath created by COVID-19.

Vaster Capital funds $11 million commercial land loan in Aventura, FL

Vaster Capital continues to provide financing to innovative developers in South Florida, as they finalized funding on a development site loan in...

Tax & reporting for foreign investors in U.S. real estate: Part II

FIRPTA Withholding and FinCen Reporting is covered in part two of our Tax and Reporting Requirements for Foreign Investors in U.S. Real Estate.

Tax & Reporting for Foreign Investors in U.S. Real Estate: Complete Guide

Estate taxes, gift taxes, and income taxes are covered in part one of our Tax and Reporting Guide for Foreign Investors in U.S. Real Estate. 

Vaster funds $20.3 million Palm Beach acquisition by Tricera Capital

Vaster Capital continues to make headline news in the world of real estate. Our recent expansion into commercial bridge lending is already making an...

Why every real estate investor should consider a bridge loan

Bridge loans are short-term loans that can fill opportunity gaps left behind by traditional loans. Traditional loans can take months to finalize. A...

Creating a real estate LLC in the U.S.

There are two types of business entities that usually will qualify for loans from private lenders — limited liability company (LLC) and corporation.

Trends in South Florida real estate 2019

Resiliency is a characteristic that I place much value on. The ability to bounce back from a crisis and return to normalcy or to face adversity and...