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Elizabeth Galan

Sales and Marketing Associate


Elizabeth worked as a part-time executive assistant for E & R Life Solutions, a health and life insurance company located in South Florida from November 2014 to May 2017. Her role at E&R Life Solutions primarily comprised of processing and routine audits of insurance applications for over 2,000 clients. 

Elizabeth joined the Vaster team in June 2017 as an Origination Production Assistant. During this time, she served as a key liaison between the firm’s sales origination team and loan processing team.

Her strong organizational and communication skills served her well. She was responsible for auditing loan applications, requesting supportive documentation, entering loan information, preparing loans for underwriting and loan committee review. Elizabeth also managed the sales pipeline for the entire origination team.

This role required a significant understanding of the inner workings of mortgages, specifically commercial real estate loans known as bridge loans.

In June 2019, Elizabeth accepted a position as Sales and Marketing Analyst for Vaster. As an analyst, she used her background in origination sales to create marketing campaigns and narratives that empowered both home buyers and real estate investors to better understand all of the mortgage solutions available to them.

Additionally, her prior experience in organizing and analyzing customer information data played a valuable role in measuring the effectiveness of Vaster’s marketing campaigns by linking them to the customer journey and delivering sales-qualified leads.


Elizabeth graduated in 2017 from Florida International University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and Market Research.

While at FIU, Elizabeth conducted an independent study to analyze the purchasing behaviors of FIU students of FIU branded apparel, leveraging market research tools such as Qualtrics and SPSS to gather, analyze, and find correlations from data. Elizabeth was also nominated for the prestigious Silver Knight Award from the Miami Herald in recognition of her outstanding contributions to her community and encouraging youth to pursue interests in reading and writing. 

Elizabeth's Work at Vaster

In September 2021, Elizabeth was promoted to Marketing Associate and took on a larger role in planning and implementing Vaster’s marketing and advertising activities. She brings to this new role more than four years of experience in the extensive details of marketing and understanding customer behavior. She has helped expand Vaster’s presence on countless online platforms, including LinkedIn and Instagram.

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