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Rising interest rates pits Florida vs. Everybody: Q1 2022 South Florida real estate trends report

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In between financial crises and an ongoing global pandemic, the South Florida real estate market has shown little signs of distress. In fact, research and projects are showing the opposite — the South Florida real estate market continues to draw in investors, homeowners, and snowbirds. 

Those looking for sunny skies, ample amenities, and recreational activities head to Florida for a golden slice of life. It’s not only the friendly nature and people that remain attractive; Florida’s economic climate, boosted by favorable tax laws (like no state income tax or pension tax), makes moving to Florida an astute financial decision.

The United States real estate market is being hit hard by the increase in the Federal Reserve interest rate and diminishing land for an ever-growing population. Thanks to Florida’s economic benefits and new US legislation like the Foreign National Loan, Florida is insulated from outside economic woes. While open land may become a rarity elsewhere, investors have looked upward; soaring condo complexes offer a unique chance to move to the Sunshine State.

Join Vaster and Fortune International Realty as we review the performance of South Florida real estate in Q1 2022 and look at what's ahead for Q2 and beyond.


Download the full Q1 2022 South Florida real estate trend report:


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